Presmed Optometrists Conference 2017

On the 2nd April, the Presmed Optometrists conference was attended by over 130 optometrists, with the Chatswood Eye Specialists Doctors once again sharing their knowledge as guest lecturers at this event.

Dr Katherine Masselos had a talk entitled “Cataract assessment in a glaucoma patient” discussing the effects that a cataract can have on the visual field and OCT results of a glaucoma patient.  She outlined the benefit of lens extraction in patients with glaucoma and in particular angle closure. Dr Masselos summarised the challenges faced by surgeons when performing cataract surgery in glaucoma patients.

Dr Geoff Wilcsek‘s talk was on “Ocular plastic cases to make a difference with”.

Dr Thomas Woo spoke on “How to approach a non-resolving red eye”.

Dr John Downie’s topic for his lecture was “Diabetic maculopathy”

Dr Derek Chan discussed “Cataract surgery in retinal patients”

Associated Prof Ian Francis, in conjunction  with a Rheumatologist, spoke on  Temporal Arteritis (TA).