Cataract Management

A cataract is a progressive cloudiness that develops inside the lens of the eye. As it develops eyesight becomes more and more blurry, colours lose their brightness and driving at night can become problematic.Cataract Vision

Patients often complain of difficulties with recognising faces due to glare, as well as trouble driving at night with headlights appearing ‘star-like’ or glary, difficulty with following a golf ball due to glare or even colours no longer appearing as bright.

Patients also often comment that they are using their sunglasses more frequently on days when previously they did not need to wear their sunglasses.

Another sign that cataracts may be affecting your vision, is the need to see your optometrist to change your glasses prescription more frequently, with these new glasses no longer giving the clarity that you previously experienced.

Almost 1.5 million Australians aged 55 or over suffered from untreated cataract in 2004, which represents 31% of that age group, according to Vision Problems Among Older Australians, a report released today by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW).

Cataracts are the most common eye disease and the most common cause of visual impairment, and although cataracts are strongly related to the ageing process, other important (and preventable) risk factors include long-term exposure to sunlight and cigarette smoking.

Cataract Surgery

The treatment is a surgical procedure where the cloudy lens is replaced with a new artificial lens (IOL) to allow clear eyesight. There are many IOL’s to choose from and your specialist can recommend the type of lens best suited to you and your post-surgery visual needs.

Our Doctors perform cataract surgery at Chatswood Private Hospital as the procedure is Day Surgery taking approximately 2-3 hours from the time of admission until discharge.

You will have follow up appointments arranged by your Doctors, and you will use eye drops for a few weeks following surgery.

See the diagram below.


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