The Doctors and staff at Chatswood Eye Specialists wish all our Patients and their Families a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year

Small Group Lecture for GPs

Another Successful event in our GP Series of Lectures More Than Meets the Eyes ….. This event was aimed at General Practitioners keen to improve their knowledge of both ophthalmic and respiratory issues. The lectures were interactive and very well received by the audience. Audience feedback “Very comprehensive update” “Excellent summary of red eyes” “Thank […]

oculoplastic surgery

Ophthalmic Services

Ophthalmic Specialists and Eye Surgeons Chatswood Ophthalmology is the branch of medicine concerned with the study and treatment of disorders and diseases of the eye. Chatswood Eye Specialists includes specialists in the areas of ocular oncology, medical and surgical retina, cornea and external eye as well as oculo-plastics, such that there is no intraocular or extraocular […]

Patient Education Seminar

May 2017 We recently held a well-attended education seminar in our rooms for patients and their families regarding Macular Degeneration. This provided a wealth of knowledge to the attendees in helping them understand their condition and  treatment options, as well as being a great opportunity to chat to others in similar circumstances. With plenty of […]

RANZCO – South Australian Branch Meeting

Submitted by Associate Prof Ian Francis I, along with my colleague Dr Ilesh Patel, had the privilege of attending the South Australian Branch Meeting of the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Ophthalmologists in early April 2017. The weekend was based on Medical Retina, and the delegates heard from the major luminaries in Medical Retina from […]

NSW Branch Orthoptic Continuing Education Conference

Canberra April 2017: This two day conference, attended by the Chatswood Eye Specialist Orthoptists, covered a variety of topics and included guest lecturers from Ophthalmologists to Industry Leaders in technology. Topics included the latest technological aids to help patients with Low Vision Overview of new surgical techniques for glaucoma Treatment options available for keratoconus patients […]

Presmed Optometrists Conference 2017

On the 2nd April, the Presmed Optometrists conference was attended by over 130 optometrists, with the Chatswood Eye Specialists Doctors once again sharing their knowledge as guest lecturers at this event. Dr Katherine Masselos had a talk entitled “Cataract assessment in a glaucoma patient” discussing the effects that a cataract can have on the visual field […]

International Ocular Oncology Conference 2017

ISOO 2017/NSW RANZCO ASM REPORT (International Society of Ocular Oncology & NSW branch of the Royal Australian & New Zealand College of Ophthalmologists) The combined conference, which ran from March 24-28,  was, simply put, the best Ocular Oncology conference ever held anywhere in the world to date. The conference venue was the newly rebuilt International […]

chatswood orthoptists

What is an Orthoptist?

An orthoptist is a university-trained allied health professional whose specialties include eye movement disorders and ocular motility and diagnostic procedures associated with disorders of the eye and visual system.  They provide eye care to patients with a range of eye diseases. Orthoptists are able to detect, diagnose and manage a variety of conditions in both […]

cyst eye style chalazion

Stye or Cyst or Chalazion?

What is the difference between a stye and chalazion? (both are sometimes generically known as a cyst) Stye Styes appear as red, sore lump near the edge of the eyelid, usually caused by a bacterial infection  in the eyelash follicle.  A stye can also be caused by inflammation, such a blepharitis.   Chalazion Is caused […]