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Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty

Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty (SLT) is a laser procedure that reduces the intraocular pressure associated with open-angle glaucoma. It is a painless procedure and is performed in the practice. It usually takes about 5 minutes. Prior to treatment, eye drops are administered to prepare the eye. A contact lens is used during the laser. The laser beam selectively treats small areas of the trabecular meshwork, the natural internal drainage system of the eye. The improved drainage reduces pressure inside the eye. SLT can be performed if you are intolerant of glaucoma medications, or have difficulty taking them. It will take several weeks to determine how much your eye pressure will be lowered by treatment. SLT can be repeated at a later stage if required.


A trabeculectomy operation is recommended for patients whose glaucoma continues to progress despite using eye drops and/or having had laser treatment. The goal of trabeculectomy surgery is to help lower and control intraocular pressure.

Trabeculectomy surgery creates an alternative drainage channel, to help aqueous fluid drain from the eye.  Intraocular pressure is reduced because fluid can now drain more easily through the newly created drainage channel.

The success of the surgery depends on the rate and extent of the conjunctival healing process. Intraocular pressure can vary in the first few weeks after the surgery. During the first few weeks there are frequent visits to monitor the pressure closely. Changes to your eye drops, adjustments to or removal or sutures and possibly anti-scarring injections may occur in the few weeks following surgery.

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