Dr Thomas Woo – with Pic

Dr Thomas Woo is an Ophthalmologist practising cataract surgery, general ophthalmology and the medical management of glaucoma

He graduated in Medicine from the University of NSW with Honours in 1994 and spent  5 years training in general medicine and surgery at Concord Hospital.

In 1999 he completed his Masters of Public Health at the University of Sydney.

In 2003, Dr Woo completed training in general ophthalmology at Sydney Eye Hospital including a final  year working in its busy emergency department treating common eye emergencies e.g. acute red eye, acute loss of vision, traumatic eye injuries, corneal problems, acute glaucoma and retinal detachments.

In his final year, he also trained at Concord Hospital performing cataract operations and running general outpatient clinics treating a wide spectrum of ophthalmic conditions including diseases of the cornea and retina, glaucoma and oculoplastics.

After completing his studies, he spent a further 2 years as a Visiting Medical Officer (VMO) at Concord Hospital teaching cataract surgery to registrars and junior doctors in their eye clinic.

Dr Woo is a specialist ophthalmologist managing all common eye conditions including cataracts and  the medical management of glaucoma including laser treatment for narrow angle glaucoma which is more prevalent in the Asian population, as well as performing cataract surgery at Chatswood Private Hospital.

Dr Woo speaks conversational Cantonese.


To make an appointment with Dr Woo, call 9411 7767.

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